Why You May Need a Vibration Fitness Machine

Why You May Need a Vibration Fitness Machine


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Vibration fitness machines use vibration technologies in order to help people work out in a passive manner. This means while a regular work out requires you to work out on heavy machinery at the gym, this allows users to just let the technology do all the hard work for them. This can be a great option for many people based on the wide variety of benefits that these machines offer. Vibration fitness machines work by triggering a stress reflex in your body that contracts the muscles, which will help in the formation of muscle. They vibrate between 20-50 seconds a minute while the user stands on it with their knees bent to a certain degree.

Vibration machines boast having many different benefits to the user. Research shows that they are great when used properly for things like: reducing back pain, improving balance, and help to reduce bone loss. It may also have benefits in regard to sports and fitness, but these benefits are still being thoroughly researched in order to see how effective this equipment actually is outside of rehabilitation purposes. There are a variety of different types of vibration fitness machines, so you should really do your research in order to find out which one is the best one for you.

Those who advocate for using this type of machinery believe that if you use a whole-body vibration machine for at least 15 minutes a day, you can find benefits in regard to your fitness. They say that this type of machinery can help with weight loss, help you to burn fat, as well as improve your flexibility. It is also believed that this equipment can enhance your blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after an intensive work out, and help build strength. It can also help decrease cortisol, which is your body’s stress hormone. However, there has not been enough research in these areas to determine how much vibration fitness machines can help in these areas. There is some research to show that it can help increase your muscle strength and help with weight loss in combination with cutting down on your calorie intake. These machines can also help you if you are an athlete just wanting to get an edge on the competition. Some research has shown that some athletes have performed better in their sporting events just after using the machine than those who did not use the platform.

Even if they do have these benefits, in order to maximize results of using this machine you should also add other things into your workout regimen. You should cut down on calories, as well as doing cardio and strength training exercises as well as vibration fitness machines. Whether or not this is as effective as promised by manufacturers, it is still a worthwhile piece of equipment to utilize at a gym or to invest in for your own home gym. As with any other exercise routine, you should consult a physician before you use this type of equipment as some people may have negative effects.

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